Riding Vacations on Stunning Working Guest Ranch
in New Mexico, USA

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Visit the beautiful Creek Ranch, one of the best working cattle & guest ranches for your riding vacations in the Valley of the Pecos River.
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On the Creek Ranch, a traditional Cattle Ranch, Andrea & Claudia, both experienced western riding trainers, have established one of the most astonishing working cattle and guest ranches in the Southwest of America. Joe, our professional foreman, supports Andrea& Claudia. Joe is a real cowboy with decades experience on cattle ranches. Joe once has won the state championship in roping.

Want to come and experience this stunning working cattle and guest ranch in the wild Southwest of the USA?


Comfortable lodging in the rumbling Ranch House built in the traditional hacienda style with bright bedrooms, each with its own bathroom will make your stay unforgettable.

The Landscape of this Working Cattle & Guest Ranch is truly a dream.

More than 8,200 traditional cattle land are what you find, lying on the sunny and pristine high plain (4300ft) in the valley of the famous Pecos River. There is a nice, little creek with two springs flowing all year through the ranch, there are large pastures on the mesa, and you will be fascinated by the famous rough red bluffs and colorful rocks. Here you are experience your riding vacations in a landscape right out of an old Wild West Movie.

The Pecos River and the nice little Carrizo Creek meander though the ranch and invite to ride on one of the beautiful riding trails. At the Pecos River you find picturesque old cottonwoods and newly planted nut trees and wild plum bushes so you may relax in the shade.

Wildlife is plentiful to be found, Mule Deer and White Tail Deer, Rabbits, Turkeys and all sorts of beautiful Birds can be seen, while riding in this arid landscape. The tracks of mountain lions, bobcats, coyotes and skunks often can be found.

This land has been inhabited since old, old times and you can find the relicts of the people, who lived here. The campsites of the Indians with arrow heads and lots of ruins of the settlers, who came here in the 1840Th are to be found. The old history of the West still lingers. Billy the Kid and his wild bunch roamed here.

There are mesas with rolling grass and mesquite, some with dense stands of pinon and junipers. After rainfalls you will find the pastures dotted with the bright colors of wild flowers. This land is really a marvel.

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The cattle work is still done the old cowboy way, on horseback. In this rugged landscape is the cattle gathering hard work. The branding is still a come together of neighbors and will always end in a fiesta. Our friendly neighbors often will invite our guests to help with the cattle work.

The surrounding of the Ranch is very exciting.

The Creek Ranch borders directly on Puerto De Luna, the historical county seat of the Guadalupe County and one of the wildest towns of the early Wild West times. You still can find the old landmarks, the famous general store, where Billy the Kid was welcome, the jail, the courthouse and the old church.

The old cowboy life is still living in regional roping clubs, rodeo clubs. Ranch rodeos are celebrated and the big ranches perform the cattle branding like in old times from the horseback and with neighbors.

Santa Rosa, NM you may drive to on 10 miles of the famous, beautiful paved county road 91. Santa Rosa is located on the cross roads of the I40 and the highway 54 and 84 and is proud to be part of the historic Rout 66. The nice little Route66 Auto Museum www.route66automuseum.com is a nice place to go. Restaurants which serve traditional New Mexican Food and more than a dozen hotels attract tourists. Santa Rosa is famous for its beautiful lakes. It is proud to offer the famous Blue Hole, where Deep Water Diving is possible, very astonishing in this dry country.

Fort Sumner, NM is place, known for its wild history, where from 1893 to 1898 the US Army imprisoned Navajo and Mescalero Apache Indians in a notorious camp. The Bosque Redondo Memorial keeps the memory of this tragic period of the US history. www.nmstatemonuments.org/bosque-redondo

Fort Sumner is also the town, where Billy the Kid was shot. The nice Billy The Kid Museum www.billythekidmuseumfortsumner.com we recommend to visit.

Albuquerque can be reached in 2 hour drive on the I40. There is the International Sunport (ABQ), the largest airport in New Mexico. The Old Town of Albuquerque is a touristic attraction. Comfortable hotels, great restaurants and the famous rodeos invite to experience the largest City of New Mexico.

Santa Fe is the attractive capital city of New Mexico. It is one of the most visited City`s in the USA. The historic Old Town was established more than 400 years ago and the Old Plaza is still as it has been built by the Spanish Government of Mexico. The Adobe Houses everybody loves, Artists have occupied this beautiful township. Great Museums (Arts and History) invite to have a look. The Pueblos of the Indians of the pre Spanish times are worth a visit. The Sangre de Cristo Mountains with an elevation of 14,344' (4,372 m), where skiing is popular is really a fascinating place to go.

creek ranch landscape with hourse

Riding Vacation on the Working Cattle and Guest Ranch

The ranch house of the Creek Ranch invites all horse riding guests to stay for an exciting vacation on this very special working cattle and guest ranch. The ranch team looks forward to make you feel at home, riding friendly horses and helping with the ranch work and exploring the stunning landscape on the exciting horse riding trails.

Come and experience a great riding vacation


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